Dr Emmanuel Coumbis BDSc

Fissure Seals

What is it?

Fissure sealing is the placement of a white restorative material into the deep pits and fissures that make up the biting surfaces of the teeth. As a general rule, there is no drilling and/or local anaesthesia required.
Fissure Seals


Why do we do it?

It is performed to prevent bacteria becoming entrapped in the deep areas of the pits and fissures where toothbrushes are unable to reach, even utilising the best of brushing methods. It is particularly useful in children in the first 12 months after teeth have erupted as this is the time when teeth are more prone to dental caries (decay).


How long does it last?

With improvement of bonded materials, the life expectancy of fissure sealing is now 3 years or more and if done at the appropriate time will see teeth through the time of greatest caries susceptibility.


What does it cost?

The initial cost is approximately one third of the average white resin restoration. If one also considers the future cost of replacing broken restorations, repairing fractured teeth weakened by original restorations, leaking restorations with further caries and even the need for root canal therapy following the breakdown of the nerve, the initial cost is a very worthwhile investment.


Is it safe?

There are no significant side effects with this procedure.

Fissure Sealants