Dr Emmanuel Coumbis BDSc

About Fees


In order to keep our fees as low as possible, we ask for full payment immediately after each appointment. We endeavour to give you as accurate an idea as possible of any work required. To achieve this, we have now digitized our records in the surgery to allow for an instant quote which itemises out every appointment and its associated fees. Please note that while we are pleased to give “rough estimates” over the phone, these can only ever be guesswork based on average treatment regimes and will always need to be confirmed in the clinic.


Eligible Government Funds

We also participate in a number of government funded schemes which can help to reduce or eliminate fees for eligible persons.

A brief synopsis of these follows:


We are pleased to provide dental services to veterans in appreciation of the service they provided for Australia. These services are free of charge to eligible veterans affairs cardholders and funded by the Federal Government. Generally there is no gap to pay unless there is more than 1 crown required in a calendar year.


We have enrolled with this scheme which allows for the free treatment up to specified limits for persons who are eligible for treatment via Qld Health dental clinics. It should be noted that we can only provide this service if an appropriate voucher is issued. The contact points for these vouchers are the various Qld Health dental clinics. Please be aware that they are only issued at certain times and always at the discretion of each individual clinic.


The Federal Government is providing benefits for children aged 2-17 years in families (including guardian’s or carers) receiving Family   Tax Benefit Part A and other benefits including Youth Allowance or Abstudy. Please note that the child needs to be eligible for Medicare.

This  entitles the individual child up to $1000 worth of treatment over 2 years. This includes exams, scale and cleans, radiographs, fissure seals, dental restorations, root canal treatments and extractions.  Payment is made to the surgery as per usual, following which a direct refund of the Medicare Schedule amount can be made to your account if you have a debit card with a pin number. Otherwise, an appropriate account is issued for presentation to Medicare for reimbursement. One voucher will be issued for each calendar year.

Please note that Medicare does not cover the full  amount of our fees and a small gap remains for most procedures. This amount will always be quoted to you prior to any treatment being undertaken for your consent to proceed.