Dr Emmanuel Coumbis BDSc


Crowns are used when there is insufficient tooth remaining for a routine dental restoration. Also, they can be needed following root canal therapy to strengthen the remaining tooth and guard against fracture.

It usually involves the creation of a support or foundation utilising the remaining tooth. This may involve the use of pins in extreme cases or posts (usually a steel rod into the canals of root treated teeth) in conjunction with modern adhesive materials. A crown is then constructed from impressions taken by Dr Coumbis and the use of a local dental laboratory using high quality materials. The crown is then cemented over the top of this support with high quality modern dental cement.
The materials used for crowns include the following:

  • Gold

    This was the original material used and is still in use today if there is only a small amount of space available and/or cosmetics is not an issue.


  • Ceramic

    This is an all encompassing term which includes porcelain and zirconium. These materials have improved remarkably over recent years and now offer a very strong, reliable cosmetic material.


Peregian Beach Dental has brochures that are available on request to help explain the above in more detail.

Posterior Crown

Anterior Crown