Dr Emmanuel Coumbis BDSc


Orthodontics involves the movement of teeth to improve their position in the mouth for cosmetic and/or functional reasons. This can be performed via:

  • Removable Appliances

These are able to be removed in and out of the mouth and are suitable for simple cases such as single tooth crossbites or as a deterrent for thumbsucking.


  • Fixed Appliances

This is the main approach used by specialists and involves bands being attached to the teeth. These bands are usually on for eighteen months on average but this is highly variable depending on each individual case.


  • Clear Retainers

This is a series of plates over the teeth each being worn for a relatively short time. Not every case is able to treated in this way and the orthodontist needs to assess each case.


Please note that Dr Coumbis is very happy to make removable appliances where appropriate, otherwise he will refer to an appropriately qualified orthodontist specialist for fixed appliances or clear retainers.

Fixed Appliance

Teeth Straightening