Dr Emmanuel Coumbis BDSc

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is performed when the pulp (nerve and blood supply in centre of tooth) is compromised. This is usually because of bacteria invading the pulp due to decay or a result of trauma damaging the pulp. It needs to be performed to avoid an acute infection which can be very painful. This can also be in conjunction with facial swelling which is quite debilitating.

Root canal therapy involves the removal of the affected pulp and subsequent sealing of the canal(s). While success rates are quite high, the complex nature of the root canal system means it can’t be guaranteed 100%. For this reason, Dr Coumbis may advise more complex cases, in particular upper molars, may need referral to specialists to maximise the chances of success (still not 100%).

Following root canal therapy, an appropriate restoration to improve the tooth’s ability to resist fracture is highly advisable. In the majority of cases, a crown will be the best alternative. However, other options exist and Dr Coumbis will be happy to discuss the viability of this depending on each individual’s clinical situation.
Peregian Beach Dental has brochures that are available on request to help explain the above in more detail.

Root Treatment