Dr Emmanuel Coumbis BDSc

Routine Restorative Materials

Composite Resin

These “white fillings” are the main restorative material used by Peregian Beach Dental for routine restorative work. Recent advances in this material have certainly given dentists more confidence in its use. However, they are not advisable in all situations. It is also a more technique sensitive material which leads to a slightly higher cost factor. Dr Coumbis can certainly discuss the pros and cons with you depending on your personal situation.



This “silver filling” has created controversy in its use due to mercury being part of its make-up. While it is now possible to avoid this material in a majority of cases, it has not been totally discarded as all available scientific evidence suggests it is safe to use. It is particularly useful in certain situations, such as cavities below the gum where moisture can’t be controlled, and the only viable options would otherwise be extractions or extensive crowns. Dr Coumbis will only use this material after full discussion with you, leaving the final decision of its acceptance to yourself.


Glass Ionomer Cement

These materials are very useful in situations where a person has high caries (tooth decay) susceptibility as it releases fluoride that can help prevent further caries around the restoration. However, it has the highest rate of wear of our routine dental restorative materials and needs to be used appropriately.


Resin and Glass Ionomer Combinations

These materials combine composite resins and glass ionomer cements. This improves the wear of glass ionomer cements while at the same time helping to prevent caries. It should be noted that while it is a compromised result, it is very useful in certain situations.
Some examples of this are:

  • Restoring children’s deciduous (baby) teeth due to their limited lifespan and often greater difficulty in plaque control.
  • As a temporary restoration until a more definitive one can be done.

Please note that Dr Coumbis will always be very happy to discuss the choice of dental restoration with you, so please ask any questions so that the right decision is made for you.


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