Dr Emmanuel Coumbis BDSc

What Is Dentistry?

When most people think of the dentist, their thoughts are usually all about teeth (apart from that “scary person”). However, we see dentistry as a holistic process which is all about maintaining the whole mouth, including all the oral tissues, gums and their supporting bone, and the joints and muscles that enable everything to function effectively as one cohesive unit. By maintaining all of these aspects at optimal health, this will not only provide the framework for eating the foods you desire and a more attractive smile, but also will enable the individual’s general health to also be maximised.

A regular oral health maintenance programme (ideally every 6 months) provides the framework for achieving this and the peace of mind that this provides. It is amazing what modern materials, equipment and techniques can achieve and just how easy it is to achieve such outstanding results. In the modern world, dentures are certainly not inevitable.

Who knows, you may even get to like the dentist in the process!